неділя, 9 листопада 2014 р.

Advertising agency "Funny-money"

If you want to work in a lucrative company, if you`re going to earn millions and be more productive, if you want to attract more customers, come and we will help you to accomplish all your plans.  Our advertising agency specializes in other companies’ promotion and making perfect advertisement. The aim is to bring new organizations on the cooperation market including trade and service. Our rules are quite simple: everything is scheduled, first come – first served, never anticipate, only do and accumulate your experience. The motto is: “Money makes you funny”. Bear in mind that you must solely prioritize the plans in order to deal with real business.
We offer a great variety of perks for the best employees of every month. There are no problems with maternity leave in our agency (some companies have a tendency to dismiss women in these cases). The head office has a subsidized canteen, free parking and rooms for lunch breaks. We don`t practice unsociable hours, we provide the employees with the comprehensive healthcare provision and guarantee a help for the widows.

We offer such vacancies as a stuff manager, an advertisement designer, and a secretary. A stuff manager has to react promptly to the changes, be ready to make quick decisions and stick to further work. A secretary has to jot all notes down very quickly, be alert and be on the ball, she`s like a second face of her boss. Our company`s stuff keeps team spirit, and we demand being proactive, wise of decisions and skilled in resolving company conflicts, every vacation requires collaboration, even you are a manager and a cleaner. I value everyone from the stuff, that`s why I try to keep track of every employee.
The agency offers flexible hours but in reasonable limits. Every Friday we have shortened day and general meeting.

We are waiting for you!

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  1. Wow! Your company has so many benefits! I'm sure you don't blow it out of proportion by stating in your advertisement some information about perks. Now I have a real insight into what your company is and I would definitely feel elated if I were one your workers.

  2. I would like to apply for position of a stuff manager. I am able to accomplish all my work in time and promptly react to changes, as a result I can tackle any problem. I can schedule my free time proportionally, that's why I can take even additional work. I hope you will reply me soon.