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Good bye, my Blogger! Meet another successors!

   Hello, my dear friend! Do you want to hear some pieces of advice before you take a course “Vocabulary of Modern English”? Frankly, I don`t prefer long and boring paragraphs that`s why I offer you 7 rules for successful studying. Do not anticipate reading something groundbreaking because everything is based on my gained during two trimesters of studying experience.
1.     Try to find this course important for you.  In order to be able to speak freely, understand articles in English and communicate with native speakers, you must realize that vocabulary is a first base to make a good progress in English.
2.     Ignore minor and major failures.  Sometimes it happens that you fail miserably, didn`t get a grade or your hopes were dashed and life seems to be a great dull paddle. However, it`s not to undermine your anticipations or to discourage, but to test your endurance.
3.     Work out your own strategy. You know better the features of your style of learning: when to start, finish and how to brush up on what you`ve learned.
4.     Be ready to work hard. It means not only to burn the midnight oil or cram, but also to divide your studying materials, flick through them regularly and then be the top of the class.
5.     Forget about cheating! On the module test you have 10-14 tasks that contain 5-20 items more, so writing off is impossible, as well as goofing off before a test and become a copycat.
6.     Do not wait when knowledge finds you, search for it yourself! Studying is not as boring as you can take it. There are various ways how to make it interesting and be absorbed with (the most boring, on the first sight) tasks. You will find writing blog posts, crating comics or posters and making videos rather exciting! How to pass everything with flying colours? Simply discover new ways of learning and do what YOU like.
7.     Learn for yourself, not for teachers. It`s extremely important to be determined when you give something a go. In my opinion, you should be not only self-confident, but also demonstrate persistence + discipline and remember that your knowledge is for your good.
   “Work hard! Play hard!” – this is the best motto that will help you not to surrender in critical situations and receive your success without excessive pride. Welcome to the course of Vocabulary of Modern English!

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